Welcome… Sit back and stay for awhile.

I’ve loved to write since I was a child. In fact, I tell people I don’t remember the moment I wanted to write because I don’t ever remember not wanting to.

The Lantern Creek Series was born from a summer spent in Rogers City, Michigan. Located in beautiful Presque Isle County on the shores of Lake Huron, the town became a second home to me. The people I met there, as well as my experiences led to the seed that became Evening in the Yellow Wood.

I hadn’t planned to write a series, but the reaction to my debut novel was so overwhelming that I knew I had to continue Justine’s story. Snow in Summer and A Home for the Stars followed, and the reaction was just as positive. I feel blessed to be able to write for readers who truly appreciate the art of storytelling.

So, I invite you to sit back, relax, and become immersed in the world of the Lantern Creek Series- an alternating landscape of beauty and ruin, bound by characters you won’t soon forget.


New from Laura Kemp! I PAINT THE SKY

Married to a man she barely knows, nineteen-year-old Emily Ives has hopes of starting a new life in her small, Michigan town. Soon she is pregnant, and shocked to discover her husband’s charm masks a violent nature. When a fire claims the lives of her loved ones, she has one choice, escape on the Oregon Trail to the Black Hills, where her uncle and his wife are waiting.

But there’s one hitch…

Caleb Merritt has lived his life in shadow since the death of his wife. When he finds Emily about to give birth in the back of a wagon, he offers to help, only to find himself drawn to her when he should be running the other way. She has secrets, that’s for certain, and the last thing Caleb needs is more heartbreak.

When tragedy splits the wagon party in two, Emily discovers the husband she thought was dead is not only alive, but hunting her. With her life and a long-lost treasure hanging in the balance, Emily must confront the past if she ever hopes to see the future.

"A stunning tour de force set against the backdrop of the American West." –Rob Samborn, award winning author of The Painted Souls series

"Twin Peaks Meets Hart of Dixie.' - Book Riot

Abandoned by an eccentric father on the eve of her twelfth birthday, Justine Cook has lived with her fair share of unanswered questions. A decade later she heads north to  Lantern Creek to discover her father's double life and meets the autistic brother she never knew--a young man who is mute but able to read her mind.

It's been a year since Justine Cook defeated an immortal enemy that hunted her family for generations. But the past won't let go so easily. When a woman named Amanda Bennett survives a fall from a cliff on Mackinac Island, it triggers a series of events that reawakens the past.

A mysterious Ojibwa petroglyph has carried Justine Cook back in time to the moment her unseen enemy is born. But something is wrong... Separated from those she loves, she finds herself in a strange world surrounded by people she has only known in dreams, and stalked by a man who now haunts her reality.